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Transforming Business, Transforming Society & Transforming Lives.

Who we are

Dolerite is a strategy and transformational change management consultancy specialising in delivering change in the third sector.

The firm was founded and is run by Management Consultants who have delivered large scale transformation programmes for many household name firms in Europe, North and Latin America over the last  25 years. Yes we can do PowerPoint presentations, but only to tell you how things are going. We specialise in hands-on delivery and we are with you for the journey.

Dolerite Business Consulting works with commercial organisations, charities, schools, private hospital groups, NHS Trusts and Local Authorities to solve complex technology, operational and transformational change issues.

Our mission

Transforming Business, Transforming Society & Transforming Lives.

We specialise in delivering large-scale business and technology transformational change programmes.

We focus on employee engagement and provide management support through the transformational journey and ensure that there is cross-functional collaboration and accountability at all levels to make sure that your organisation can sustain the transformation’s impact.

We want to make a tangible difference to our clients, their staff and the communities in which we all live and work.

Through our work, we also aim to improve the life chances of each and every member of these communities by providing education and preventing digital exclusion.

Our vision

  • To deliver measurable and tangible success to your organisation.
  • To ensure cross-functional collaboration and accountability at all levels of your organisation.
  • To improve engagement, enablement, accountability and financial performance across your organisation.
  • To leave a repeatable and sustainable legacy of transformational change.


Many organisations truly focus on becoming equal opportunity employers but our analysis and data show that actually very few are truly diverse, either in the public or private sectors. Reflecting the environments in which you operate and reflecting the customers you serve at all levels of your organisation is truly the first step to achieving real diversity.

We have developed a coherent and easy-to-implement programme that will unlock the barriers that are currently preventing your organisation from benefiting from the skills, cultural and financial gains that true diversity delivers to organisations.

Diversity isn’t about paying lip-service to equal opportunities, it is a win-win opportunity to enhance and unlock benefits that improve your firm, your markets and society at large.