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Response to Covid-19 by the business consulting sector

By Veronica Kocovska

Posted in Covid-19

Digitisation & Interoperability

The pandemic, and the ensuing personal and business damage, will expedite digital transformation trends that have already been benefiting businesses over the last decade.

Focusing on Digitisation

Change can sometimes be so vast and disruptive that it is hard to tell disaster from opportunity. But in every challenge, there arises new opportunity, and the Covid-19 pandemic is no different.

The consulting sector has been seeking and implementing cost-reduction and efficiency initiatives in the form of digital transformation, which holds the key to long-term future growth. To mediate the current effects, companies have created virtual consulting platforms in the interests of both clients and staff. A digitally centred approach means a company can offer its usual services in real-time and at a lower cost, due to the elimination of travel and other in-person expenses.

From a consulting perspective, it is becoming apparent that the coronavirus crisis is transforming from an acute to a chronic state that requires long term consideration. Clients are better equipped with plans and processes to deal with the challenge, and knowing that a prolonged process is on the horizon means there is finally some certainty about the uncertainty. This inevitability has resulted in improvements within each of the individual sectors our clients operate in. Firms are directing their regulatory, economic, financial and communications experts to partner with their clients and offer advice on how best to navigate the disruption caused by the pandemic, whilst determining the impact on their key stakeholders.

As we navigate this new landscape, we will be providing innovative solutions to complex business problems whilst contributing in the global challenge of controlling the spread of Covid-19. The digitisation put in place will now be in effect for the coming months – and many years – ahead. At Dolerite, we are with you for that journey.

The importance of Interoperability

We are setting the benchmark for healthcare and society, providing communication of all data between clinicians and patients and across nations. The only way to eradicate the digital deficit and make organisations sustainable long-term is through transforming services and administering novel models of care. The exigency for interoperable systems that will enable information to course across the system has been neglected for too long. It is time for patients to be treated in the right place, and treated right first time.

With renewed energy, ambition and opportunity, we are committing to this long-term investment. Increasing interoperability maturity and capability, providing an unparalleled opportunity to systemise and ameliorate clinical workflow is a continual process and a journey – not a destination. It is predicted that by 2040, the backbone of the health care industry will be interoperability. Consumer demand for transparency and access will be a main driver, in addition to the benefits of value-based care.

The difficulty in attaining real integration and interoperability is 10% technical and 90% everything else – people, process, culture and organisation. Dolerite helps you overcome those challenges, through expert assistance. By applying a calculated and measured approach and extensive expertise to provide support, our team can aid you in unlocking the potential of your processes and workflows.

The progression that interoperability offers suggests that all relevant data will be consolidated, available for research and therefore actionable. We envisage a future where health care shifts to concentrate on health and wellness – and where our clients and data are at the centre.