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Providing you with the means to make an enlightened decision regarding the matters your organisation faces.

Delivering cost reduction

Cutting cost is a relatively straightforward exercise. Reducing cost without first understanding how the changes will impact front line services and customer outcomes is invariably where the problems start.

Our programme methodology is backed by a robust benefit tracking model which allows us to define, target and realise benefits whilst simultaneously ensuring that there are no detrimental impacts to operations and customers. Our stakeholder dashboard allows us to measure service delivery throughout the programme flightpath, enabling us to respond quickly to any declines in service or customer satisfaction.

Delivering digital transformation

Technology is moving so quickly that many organisations work hard just to stand still.

We have the domain expertise that will shorten the time for your organisation to make those crucial technology selection decisions and our delivery expertise will ensure that the technology is delivered on time and to budget. Most importantly, we will ensure that the business case for the Tech changes is delivered in full enabling you to see the Return On Investment that supported the strategic change.

All businesses are under cost pressures. Don’t let a poorly managed technology change programme make that pressure even worse. These programmes, when managed badly often go spectacularly wrong and destroy value in your business. We will work with you to get it right first time.

Delivering Project & Programme Management

Your staff are teachers, social workers and nurses. We don’t expect them to be Project Managers and you shouldn’t either.

These are the skills our Agents bring to you. We partner with you throughout the programme lifecycle to ensure that risks are identified and appropriately mitigated and that all the programme outcomes and benefits are delivered to plan.

We are with you for the journey.

Digital Marketing

We help our clients effect change that matters – leveraging transformation by combining the capabilities required to assist organisational growth and success in the digital age.

We understand that effective strategies necessitate data-driven, innovative approaches that help you spur on growth, achieve significant ROI and expand the skills you need to continually develop your digital marketing proficiency.